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Team Resilience 

Four Day

Two Day

One Day



The GII team and its pool of global experts are highly experienced humanitarians and practitioners with a wide array of expertise ranging from business, finance, management, psychology, art, medicine and more. Our distinctive approach to staff care through CBR unites us. Together with deep understanding of realities and needs in the sector we deliver tailor made solutions for individuals, teams and organizations that face both expected and unexpected challenges, stressors and realities which are innate in care and humanitarian action.

CBR Four-Day Transformational Resilience

The penultimate programme is a four-day transformational training. This provides humanitarian staff with an opportunity to learn, reflect and begin their contemplative journey alongside their team members through a transformative learning process. The training concentrates on providing useful and practical tools to humanitarian staff to build their resilience and also help them to slowly address the past mental trauma they have faced.  The training has been developed over the last decade, utilizing direct inputs from both clinical and contemplative leaders in the field, making it unique and powerful. 


CBR Two-Day Humanitarian Resilience 

The two-day programme has been designed to engage directly with teams in the field who are experiencing a high-level of stress in their working environment. Teams include those in the humanitarian aid field, but also those that serve in first responder capacities for cities, municipalities and other government agencies.  The two-day engagement is specifically designed to work with agencies at both the pre-deployment stage, and also in-situ.  Each agency requires specific components of the training to be tailored to their needs, situation and team dynamics and we work with each team lead to ensure applicability to their specific context.


CBR One-Day Compassionate Leadership

The One-day programme is specifically for leadership in humanitarian organizations to support their teams in the field. The course provides tools to help them better understand the basics of resilience for themselves and their teams, how they can continue their journey as individuals, and to lay the foundation for organizational change and awareness.


The One-day event uses tools, approaches and learning that is tailored to humanitarian leadership and organizations to create an environment of organizational and culture change, with staff well-being and resilience at its heart. The programme is designed to build towards large scale change within organizations, establishing leadership champions to foster growth and increase effectiveness and efficiencies in their teams.



CBR Integrated Resilience

Many organizations provide training to their staff on varying technical and supportive functions such as security, safety, leadership and management.  The CBR programme can easily be integrated into any agency delivered training and is provided as separate sessions within a greater agenda.  We work together with organizations to develop the right approach and modality for delivery within existing environments.


CBR Be-Spoke

GII provides expert advice and training to national and international organizations regarding care for caretakers through building the resilience of individual staff and teams and enhancing professional care for both beneficiaries and humanitarian care takers.

Through frontal, digital and blended learning programmes GII tailors its unique Contemplative Based Resilience programme to specific organizational needs and capacities. Our services include Training, Consultancy, Coaching, and Mentoring. Depending on need, our programs can be delivered rapidly at any location and time or, to be designed according to particular technical requirements such as lotion and language or softer ones such as complex experiences or a distinct organizational culture; together we will identify the best options that fit your reality.


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