The Cultural Dimension of Mindfulness Practice – what works and how?

On Tuesday evening, September 10th, 2019 Garrison Institute International and Flow Impact Fund warmly welcome Jeremy Zhu to explore with us

The Cultural Dimension of Mindfulness Practice – what works and how?


Mindfulness is hot. It is offered as a panacea for many of the modern problems. Stress, anxiety, depression, and other forms of mental unrest, can reportedly be cured by mindfulness. The practice of mindfulness is also supportive for physical health in general. And now there is also mindful parenting, mindful eating, mindful gardening, mindful leadership and mindful sex.

Clearly, there are benefits of learning how to calm the mind in the modern speed-addicted world. But how far can we go with it? Mindfulness may work, but are we perhaps overestimating the effects? Can we apply mindfulness without changing other parts of our life? Do we understand all implications of mindfulness practice? Mindfulness has arisen in the context of Buddhism in Asia, where it evolved over hundreds of years. Can we expect the same results in the West?

We will explore these questions with the well-known scholar and Buddhist teacher Jeremy Zhu, Ph.D., Founder and Director of Beijing Clear-Orientation Center for Counseling and Meditation, and Associate Director and Research Fellow of Hebei Institute of Chan Buddhism, China. Jeremy Zhu earned a master’s degree at Harvard University and a Ph.D. degree in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he now serves on the board. His multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural experience makes him well placed to understand the cultural translation of mindfulness practice between Asia and the West. He also specialized in understanding the effects (and possibly limitations) of mindfulness and meditation in terms of modern psychology and our day-to-day emotional functioning.

After his lecture, Jeremy Zhu will lead us in a meditation and there will be time for discussion. We have invited a selected group of people.

The event starts at 20.00h and closes around 22.00h. Venue: Broederplein 29, 3703 CD, Zeist.
Nearby parking available near Slot Zeist and Figi Theater Parking.

RSVP by email to Jantine Lebbink:
Telephone: 06 83 41 25 73


Garrison Institute International, a leading platform dedicated to applying insights from contemplative science to societal and environmental issues, will host the evening, in partnership with Flow Impact Fund.
Flow Impact Fund is dedicated to research and education for the empowerment of leadership to create a sustainable world.

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