Seminar: Cultivating Resilience

The science of mind and its relevance for policy making in education, health care, humanitarian aid and the environment

One Day Seminar: 22nd October 2019

The Hague

Keynote speaker:

Daniel Siegel, UCLA & Mindsight Institute

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We are at a pivotal moment in our collective history in which the human mind and the sense of self that emerges from it, are changing the face of our living world.  The events in the outer world can move us rapidly between denial and despair, from anxiety to depression, and our often-isolated efforts to make a change in the world can lead us to a feeling of frustration, fear, futility and burn-out.

At the same time, insights from the new “science of the mind” into our mental and emotional life can give us great hope. We now know methods to empower our consciousness, emotions, beliefs, identity, relationships, health and behavior away from stress and anxiety into resilience, compassion, well-being and meaningful action. Moreover, with these insights we can also envision more effective human-centered policies in fields such as education, health, the environment, peace and justice. The insights into how we are wired “internally”, can also inform us how to achieve social change “externally”.

Inspired by these fundamental ideas, this gathering of experts, educators, humanitarians, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and policy makers aims to:

  • Inspire conversations about how to harness the human capacity to direct cultural evolution for wise action toward a more compassionate and resilient human culture.
  • Offer a combination of deep experiential immersions with conceptual discussions and practical skill building based insights from science.
  • Nurture personal, professional, and public resilience, cultivate well-being, and inspire ingenuity through strengthening the mind and integrating the experience of “self” as we develop effective and timely means for action in the world.


This day-long seminar will provide immersive experiential exercises and conceptual discussions with a focus on how we can change systems underlying our relationships with people and the planet.  The presenters have been working for decades on how to understand and transform systems related to our interpersonal, societal, and environmental health.  One of those collective efforts has been the study and cultivation of “generative social fields” in which families, schools, businesses, governments, and the larger society in which we live can create relational interactions that support the nurturance of compassion, connection, curiosity and well-being.  Within such generative fields, a sense of belonging, meaning and effective action emerges.

Come join us for a day of deep experiential learning intended for anyone interested in how to cultivate the individual development and pervasive leadership capacities to facilitate systems change in local and global ways that will help promote a healthier world.



The workshop will led by Dr Daniel Siegel and will be moderated by Sander Tideman, Garrison Institute International and Dr Saskia Tjepkema, Kessels Smit.

Registration at 10.00h and Close at 17.30h.

Evening program with The Hague Talks (, which is an interactive dialogue with Helen Barley, Program Manager of Contemplative Based-Resilience Project (CBR) of GII and Daniel Siegel.

Start at 18.30h-Close at 20.00h, including drinks.

For whom

Professionals, Policy-Makers, Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs working at the forefront of social change in education, health care, humanitarian aid and the environment.

Keynote speaker

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and the founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA. He is a New York Times Bestselling author and has published extensive written work including the internationally acclaimed text, ‘The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are’ (Guilford, 1999). This book introduces the field of “Interpersonal Neurobiology”; an interdisciplinary approach drawing on over a dozen branches of science to deepen our understanding of the human experience.

As one of the world’s leading neuropsychiatrists, Dr Siegel focuses on exploring how human consciousness can evolve to meet the unprecedented challenges we face in today’s world. He is the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute, which teaches insight, empathy and integration in individuals, families and communities. “Mindsight” is a term coined by Dr Siegel to describe the human capacity to perceive the mind of the self and others, exploring how this can be used as a tool to promote wellbeing.

Dr Siegel’s unique ability to make complicated scientific concepts exciting and accessible has led him to be invited to address diverse international audiences. Through this seminar, Dr Siegel will share his insights into the science of the mind and how this can be used to cultivate resilience and contribute to systems change.



Cost: E95,- for the whole day, including evening session.



Fluwelen Burgwal 58
2511 CJ The Hague



Organized by Garrison Institute International, with the The Hague Humanity Hub &  Kessels Smit


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Limited places available


Cost: € 95,- for the whole day, including evening session.


Fluwelen Burgwal 58
2511 CJ The Hague

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