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Triple Value Leadership

Creating Sustainable Value for Your Business, Your Customers and Society

By Sander Tideman

With the sustainability emergency, businesses can no longer give priority to commercial interests (and financial gains) and close their eyes to societal and environmental interests. We need a new, higher perspective to close the gap. We need to formulate a new business logic and a sustainable value creation method for sustainable business, for their customers and society – that is, all business stakeholders, as well as the planet.

This book will do just that. This book presents the insights gained from action research with leading companies across the world to discover a comprehensive method that works: a practical framework for CEO and business leaders who want to lead their organization along the sustainability transition.

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“Triple Value Leadership is at the cutting-edge of explaining how investing in sustainability is an investment in the future performance of businesses; including strong financial performance. Sander and team have researched and compiled a practical guide to the Why, What and How of getting away from wrong-minded trade-off thinking. Instead, it shows how the interests of the planet, society, and business can be completely aligned.” Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever

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