Fresh Friday – mindfulness training

First series start on April 23, 2021, every week from 9.00h – 10.00h CET (8 consecutive weeks)
A foundational training in Mindfulness, Insight, Compassion and Awareness
– how to keep your mind fresh and happy until the weekend – and beyond.

Life is full of distractions. Our minds are often restless, anxious or depressed, causing us to feel unhappy and exhausted. There is a dramatic increase in mental health disorders, many of them stemming from restless and distracted minds. This is not necessary: there are simple practices that can avoid this. These practices can be installed into your life: a healthy habit, for a more happy and resilient life. They help you to find balance and purpose in a complex world.
A series of 8 online sessions of 1 hour each over 8 weeks, for busy people who aspire to cultivate and keep a happy and fresh mind throughout the week.

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