EXTRA: Retreat at 23/10

Due to the overwhelming positive response of his full day retreat on October 22nd, 2019, we are delighted that Dr. Dan Siegel has agreed to provide another day retreat specifically for leaders and professionals on October 23rd.


Laedership Retreat: 23rd October, 2019

by Dr. Dan Siegel

Highly Acclaimed Neuropsyciatrist
and Bestselling Author


St(r)andplaats Nederzandt (Noordwijk)

Time 11:00h-17:00h


Many professionals, especially those working at the forefront of social change, feel overwhelmed by the speed and complexity of modern life. The speed and scope of change can make us feel insignificant and powerless. As responsible professionals and leaders we feel pressed to deliver results and overcome challenges, no matter what. At the same time, we realize that we and our colleagues are often on the verge of losing balance and resilience. We are looking to maintain well-being and ease that we know are preconditions for sustainable high performance.


In this retreat you will learn and practice the Wheel of Awareness method, which has been developed by Dr Dan Siegel based on years of neuro-science and clinical research, You will learn how to cultivate resilince, and how to apply this to your work- and life situations, by practicing awareness, embodiment and relational presence.


We believe that following this event, you will be able to apply the significant learning towards their role as leader and professional in their organizations.


We will offer a retreat setting for this day of deepening, in a natural environment conducive to contemplative and transformative practice.

Questions you will be equipped to answer following the retreat:

  • How can I maintain balance and cultivate resilience in the face of dealing with complex challenges?
  • How can I become a more resilient leader and help others in the practice of resilience, for better collective results?
  • What does resilience look like into my day-to-day demanding professional situation?
  • How do I apply key insights from the Wheel of Awareness to my leadership role?


Cost: E95,- for the whole day.


St(r)andplaats Nederzandt (Noordwijk)

Time: 11:00h-17:00h




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Limited places available


Cost: € 95,- for the whole day.


St(r)andplaats Nederzandt (Noordwijk)


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