Developing resilient humanitarians

Contemplative Based Resilience Training for Humanitarian Aid Workers

The Garrison Institute has developed an innovative contemplative-based resilience (CBR) training to support and benefit humanitarian aid staff. The program has been successfully offered since 2014 in the Middle East (Jordan), Africa (Rwanda) and Europe (Ireland).

CBR teaches empirically validated skills that empower participants, affirming their resilience and ability to thrive and bounce back in the face of acute and chronic stress. The key is not only to build resilience prior to a field deployment whenever possible, but to also help those already in the field sustain themselves.

News from the CBR Project

“Today, in the first decade of the 21st century, science and spirituality have the potential to be closer than ever and to embark upon a collaborative endeavor that has far-reaching potential to help humanity meet the challenges before us.”


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